The American family farm is being challenged from all directions, drought, regulation, high prices for seed, low prices for crops. If the family farm is to survive, they need another cash crop and they need it soon! Sometimes the best solution is to get back to your roots. The first American cash crop was industrial hemp, prized for its fiber for ships sails and rope. Used for paper and textiles, it was broadly useful and it remains so today.

Cultivating industrial hemp is simple and straightforward, it uses little water, naturally suppresses weeds, can be grown without pesticides, isolates pollen, improves soil in crop rotations, and its deep roots are a natural soil aerator.

At 5280 Genetics, we provide the highest quality high CBD industrial hemp clones available. With long tested CBD strains such at Cherry Wine, Otto88, Otto 99, Otto 12, American Hemp Seed, Amerotto, you can rest assured that you will comply with all testing requirements and receive the highest price for your crop.



5280 Genetics operates a laboratory grade biotechnology facility that cultivates high quality pest-free and mold-free plantlets to be transitioned directly into your farm.

We have the industry connections to help at every step of the way. If you are just beginning to contemplate a hemp crop, give us a call. We can walk you through the business and help you find the right fit.

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